Exchange Server Traffic Reports

Many organizations utilize Exchange messaging systems, which has driven an increased need to monitor the traffic of these systems. To address this need, Exchange Reporter Plus, a comprehensive Exchange reporting, change auditing, and monitoring tool, offers predefined Server Traffic reports to closely monitor and provide traffic information pertaining to each Exchange server in your organization.

Exchange Server Traffic reports

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Why are traffic reports important?

  • Server traffic reports show the exact volume of traffic handled by each server. Armed with data from these reports, you can ensure every Exchange server operates optimally, and rule out under or over utilization of any Exchange server resources.
  • Email traffic reports give complete details on the message traffic handled by the Exchange servers. Using these reports, capacity can be planned better and at an early stage; this can help you determine if it's time to increase or cut down on the infrastructure.
  • Real-time server traffic reports indicate possible service outages early, and help you proactively respond, and prevent outages by managing the servers and assisting in resource optimization.
  • Mail delivery time reports give a peek into the performance and efficiency of Exchange servers in your organization.
Server to Server Traffic Report
Server-based delivery time report
Number of Messages Sent By Server Report
Size of Messages Sent By Server Report

These reports trigger instant alerts about the real-time server traffic data.

This web-based reporting solution monitors the following parameters:

  • Server-to-server Exchange traffic in terms of the number and size of the messages sent.
  • Mail delivery time of the Exchange server to check if it falls within an acceptable range or not.
  • Exchange server performance based on the number and size of messages it handles (both sent and received messages separately).
Number of Messages Received By Server Report
Size of Messages Received By Server Report
Number of Messages Sent and Received report

You can also get consolidated reports on the number of messages sent and received by the Exchange server over a given period of time to monitor which servers get the most and least traffic in your organization.

Ensure that your Exchange server functions optimally using these reports, and raise proactive measures when performance falls below the set threshold. This Exchange traffic reporting tool also allows you to view server traffic based on emails sent during business and non-business hours. Exchange Reporter Plus offers server traffic reports for Exchange Server versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019, and mailbox traffic reports for Exchange Online. These reports can be exported to CSV, PDF, XLS, and HTML formats.

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