Export public folder lists using Exchange Reporter Plus

As an Exchange admin, you might need public folder reports for multiple purposes, like finding mail-enabled public folders, determining delegated permissions, filtering traffic for a specific public folder, and more. Public folder reports are especially important for managing storage and, with proper planning, can help you use the available space efficiently.

Exchange Reporter Plus, a reporting, auditing, monitoring, and content search tool offers four distinct categories of reports on public folders as shown in the image below. The tool offers content reports for public folders, and enables you to search for specific keywords in the body or subject. These and other tool features simplify the tedious tasks of managing public folders across various Exchange servers in your organization. You can generate public folder reports instantly, customize and filter the attributes that you need, and export these reports at the click of a button, without having to use PowerShell scripting. Exchange Reporter Plus also enables you to export reports in four formats: CSV, PDF, XLS, and HTML.

Export public folder lists using Exchange Reporter Plus

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

How to export public folder reports using Exchange Reporter Plus

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Navigate to Exchange Server > Public Folders.
  3. Choose a suitable category and report.
  4. Once the report gets generated, click on the Export As option in the top-right corner and choose the format in which you would like to export the report.

Export public folder lists using Exchange Reporter Plus

With Exchange Reporter Plus, you can:

  • View comprehensive details about public folders across various servers.
  • Check the size of public folders and track their growth rate.
  • Locate public folder messages easily based on keywords in their content.
  • Track administrative and client permissions over public folders separately.
  • Monitor public folder traffic based on message count, users, and subject.

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Export Exchange reports at the click of a button without using PowerShell scripts.

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