How do I immediately find out when a database is dismounted in my organization?

Exchange databases are the storehouse of all your information. You need to monitor them continuously to avoid any problems that can have huge consequences. One such problem is the dismounting of databases.

Unexpected dismounting of databases can deny your end users access to their own mailboxes. This leads to endless calls to your technical support team. You need to be in the know about the databases in your organization and when they get dismounted, so that you don't inconvenience your end users.


Exchange Reporter Plus helps you keep an eye on all the databases that have been mounted or dismounted through the following 2 reports:

  • Exchange databases mounted
  • Exchange databases dismounted

In addition to just reporting on databases, you can also receive real time alerts as soon as a database is dismounted in your organization.

To set the solution for you to receive a notification:

  1. Go to the Audit tab.
  2. Click the Alerts link.
  3. Select the New Alert Profile button.
  4. Enter a name and description for the alert.
  5. Choose the severity level.
  6. Click the + button near Select Reports and select the Exchange Database Changes reports category.
  7. Select the Exchange Stores Dismounted report from the reports displayed.
  8. Use the macros and enter the message you want the alert to be accompanied by.
  9. Select the Email Notification checkbox if you want email notifications.
  10. Click Create.

Receive an alert if a database is dismounted
Figure 1: Receive an alert if a database is dismounted.

The next time a database is mounted or dismounted in your organization, you will receive an alert the same instant.


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