How do I monitor email queue health in my organization?

Email delivery takes just a matter of seconds these days. Your Exchange Servers make sure that the delivery time is miniscule for any email. However, when your marketing team runs email campaigns, a huge number of emails are going to be sent. A lot of these emails end up in email queues because of not being delivered. Your service provider could blacklist you, when all you were doing was targeting your customers for a campaign.

You need to be vigilant about your email queues to avoid problems with mail flow and being blacklisted.


Exchange Reporter Plus offers comprehensive information on your email queues:

  • Dashboard: Get a quick snapshot of the number of messages in each of the three queues (submission, poison, and unreachable) and their health.
  • Email queue health report: View complete details about email queues, including their name, message count, status, delivery type, and next hop domain.
  • Real-time alerts: Get instant notifications about email queues and fix issues before they're noticed by end users.

Monitor email queues with Exchange Reporter Plus

This way, you can make sure that mail flow is smooth in your organization, with no hiccups. Explore the other reporting, monitoring, and change auditing functionalities of Exchange Reporter Plus today!


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