How to adhere to email response SLAs?


Your organization may have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) about email response and it is highly necessary for your customer-facing teams to stick to it. Customer service executives now have to respond to customers in a prompt manner in order to adhere to this SLA. For this reason, managers and administrators try to

be extra vigilant about the response time of mailbox users. However, using the native tools to check response time is a daunting task.


Adhering to email response SLAs can be done using the Email Response Time report. This report can be drilled down to the number of tickets each agent has, whether they have responded to the ticket yet, the average response time, and the time taken to reply.

This report can be found under the Reports tab, under the Custom reports category.

Email response time

The entries under Total Item Count can be drilled down to view information about each ticket such as whether the agent has responded, how much time he/she took to reply, and more.

Doesn't adhering to email response SLAs sound like an effortless activity now? That's Exchange Reporter Plus for you!


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