Locate emails in your organization's mailboxes based on keywords in their content


Administrators are occasionally asked to locate messages that were exchanged in their organization containing certain keywords. You may be asked to do so to:

  • Find out which employees in your organization are receiving malicious messages.
  • Identify offenders as part of an ongoing internal investigation about a data leak in your organization.
  • Follow organizational policies about attaching media files in emails.
  • Adhere to compliance mandates such as HIPAA and PCI DSS


Exchange Reporter Plus offers several content reports that you can use based on the scenario your organization is in.

  • Locate spam emails:Isolate spam emails based on common keywords they have in their subject lines using the Messages by Subject Keyword report.
  • Detect data leaks:If you think confidential data has been leaked in the form of text emails, try to locate them using the Messages by Body Keyword report.

Scanning email attachments is even more important. Malicious attachments can devastate your entire network if they get into your system. Confidential documents could also be released to competitors as attachments in an email.

You don't have to worry; Exchange Reporter Plus has got you covered here too.

  • Locate malicious attachments: If you know the name or extension of the malicious file, locate it using the Attachments by File Name Keyword or Attachments by File Extension Keyword reports respectively and isolate it.
  • Detect media files in emails:
    • If you need to locate media files that take up a lot of space on the mailbox server, use the Attachments by File Extension Keyword report. This report can also be used to locate data leaks if you can guess the file type of the attachments.
    • If you need to locate the bigger media files on your mailbox server, you can also use the Attachments by File Size report.

For example:

If you want to locate all messages that contain the keyword "lottery" in their subject line, click the Create Reports link and enter your requirements

Exchange Reporter Plus has got your back

With these reports by your side, internal investigations, compliance audits, and adhering to organizational policies become almost effortless.


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