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All businesses, small or large, use emails for communication. Messages sometimes accumulate in mailboxes due to using emails as the primary means of communication. This causes several problems.

  • Your server storage usage becomes off the charts.
  • Mailboxes could reach their storage limits and prevent sending or receiving of emails.

The second scenario is especially troublesome if it involves the top brass of your organization; you don't want them to miss out on an important email.


The mailbox reports of Exchange Reporter Plus provide comprehensive information about mailbox sizes and growth, storage limits, comparisons between mailbox size and quota, and more.


The mailbox size reports help you keep an eye on how the average user in your organization consumes storage space. You can also identify the mailboxes which consume the most space through meaningful graphs, as shown in figure 1.

Top mailboxes by size

You can constantly check on the size limits of mailboxes through reports. You can also set up alerts in order to receive real-time notifications when mailboxes reach their size limits. This way, you can make sure that no one from the C-suite of your organization misses an important email.

Bonus tip:

Hybrid environment users, we have something for you too! Exchange Reporter Plus also allows you to monitor the size of Microsoft 365 mailboxes and identify the users who consume the most storage space.


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