How do I track Exchange Online emails that have been deleted and moved?

Emails are still the trusted medium to transfer business-critical information that aid in making important decisions. It is therefore vital to know when important emails are deleted or moved within mailboxes, to ensure business continuity.


Exchange Reporter Plus provides a comprehensive report on mails moved and deleted which shows details about:

  • The user who moved or deleted an email.
  • When the action was carried out.
  • Mailbox User Principal Name
  • Result of movement or deletion (success or failure).
  • Logon type
  • Client information
  • Client IP address
  • ...and more.

Mails moved and deleted activities
Figure 1: View details about mails moved and deleted.

This way, you can identify all the emails that have been deleted and moved in your organization. Check out the other reporting, auditing, and monitoring functionalities of Exchange Reporter Plus today.


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