How do I audit Exchange Online mailbox activity?

Mailboxes contain a lot of classified and business-critical information. You need to enable mailbox audit logging to collect the data that would be needed for investigations in the case of data leaks. During internal audits, you will be asked to find out:

  • Who has access to important mailboxes.
  • Who recently accessed those mailboxes.
  • What activity did they perform on these mailboxes.

Depending on native tools for this information can be time-consuming. As this is a matter of data security, you need a tool that is quick and gives you in-depth audit reports.


Exchange Reporter Plus lets you track user actions on mailboxes effectively. You can audit the activities of:

  • Administrators
  • Delegates
  • Mailbox owners
  • Non-owners

Mailbox activities using Exchange Reporter Plus
Figure 1: Track owners' mailbox activities using Exchange Reporter Plus.

View details such as mailbox name, the name of the user who accessed the mailbox, time of access, operation performed, and result (success or failure). Find out exactly how easy mailbox audit logging can be with Exchange Reporter Plus.

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