How do I keep an eye on room mailbox usage in my organization?

Organizations—especially large or growing businesses—tend to have a lot of meetings to get work done. This increases the need for conference rooms. Scheduling and conducting meetings, however, is no simple task as meeting rooms could already be occupied because of:

  • A meeting that's running a little late.
  • Unscheduled or impromptu meetings.

You need to use PowerShell to get insight on your organization's room mailboxes. This can be time-consuming and pretty complex.


Exchange Reporter Plus lets you get complete visibility into your organization's room mailboxes. Its Room Mailbox Usage report shows you the status of room mailboxes, number of meetings held, time period of availability, and more.

Room Mailbox Usage

Now, you can get information about room mailboxes in a jiffy! Explore the other reporting, auditing, and monitoring functionalities of Exchange Reporter Plus today.


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