How do I get insights into Exchange Server health?

An Exchange environment undergoes modifications every single day. Keeping track of the health and performance of its various components is vital, which is why Exchange Reporter Plus provides a Monitoring Dashboard to assist you.

Accessing the dashboard:

  1. Go to the Monitoring tab.
  2. Click any of the links under Overview.

Dashboard components:

Exchange Reporter Plus helps you monitor the health of various aspects of your Exchange environment, including:

  1. CPU and memory utilization: Get complete details about CPU and memory usage in your organization.
  2. DAGs: View information about replication health, database copy status, DAG network health, and activation preference details.
  3. Servers: Monitor Exchange Server health and connectivity for different server roles.
  4. Databases: Monitor database backup, Exchange search health, and MAPI connectivity.
  5. Email queues: Get details about message queues including submission, poison, and unreachable queues.

Each of these graphical widgets also show the recent alerts generated, in addition to clear-cut bar graphs, pie charts, and tables on Exchange health.


This way, you can get a quick overview about your entire Exchange organization's health using Exchange Reporter Plus.


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