How do I ensure efficient capacity and migration planning?

You need to constantly monitor the storage components such as mailboxes, public folders, databases, servers, and more in your organization. This comes in handy during capacity and migration planning. It also helps ensure efficient resource management. For e.g., you do not need more servers than absolutely necessary in order to host all the mailboxes in your organization. Track the free and used server space to ensure that company resources are not being wasted.

Exchange Reporter Plus helps you keep an eye on all your storage components through its storage reports. To access these reports,

  • Click the Reports tab.
  • Go to the Storage category.

Storage reports of Exchange Reporter Plus

A whole host of storage reports are available, that help you track various aspects of your storage components such as mailbox databases split-up, public folder databases growth, server storage growth, and more.

Get real-time alerts

Exchange Reporter Plus also allows you to receive instant notifications about your storage limits being reached.

To get alerts,

  • Click the Monitoring tab.
  • Go to the Alerts page through the link in the left pane.
  • Click the New Alert Profile link.
  • Enter the required details.

Get an alert when the used server space exceeds 100GB

Find out more about all the different capabilities of Exchange Reporter Plus here.


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