How to check email queues in Exchange Server

Email queues are the pathways through which your organization’s messaging process takes place. All emails that go out of or come into your organization are piped along the email queue. There are various types of email queues like submission, poison, and unreachable queues. The health of these queues affects the mailflow in your organization. This is why it's important to keep an eye on them. In Exchange Server, you can monitor queues by using the Get-Queue PowerShell cmdlet or by navigating to the Queue Viewer option under the Exchange toolbox. But if you're looking for a quicker and easier solution, read on.

Exchange Reporter Plus is Exchange reporting, change auditing, and monitoring software that gives you insights about the health of email queues in your organization. It provides information on the queue name, type, total number of messages in it, next hop domain, and more.

To check the email queue health using Exchange Reporter Plus:

  1. Go to the Monitoring tab.
  2. Select an Exchange organization from the drop-down.
  3. Navigate to Email Monitoring → Email Queue Health.
  4. Choose the period and type of view for report generation.

And that’s it. It's that simple. You can also schedule this report using the Schedule This Report option in the top-right corner, or export it as a CSV, PDF, HTML, or XLS file using the Export As option.

Email queue health status

Other benefits of using Exchange Reporter Plus

  • Get a quick snapshot of your complete Exchange Server environment using the graphical and intuitive dashboards.
  • Add or remove columns from the report, and customize them as and when needed.
  • Use the advanced filter options to scrutinize reports further.
  • Customise alert profiles to get immediate SMS or email notifications.
  • Add new actions that you want to audit apart from the predefined ones.


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