How do I monitor DAGs in my organization?

Database Availability Groups (DAGs) help you ensure high availability. Your organization—irrespective of size—needs to have a proper recovery mechanism for its servers. You need to constantly monitor replication health and the status of your database copies to ensure that your end users don't run into problems such as inability to access their mailboxes and mismatches in their mailbox data.


Exchange Reporter Plus' monitoring functionality helps you keep an eye on your server's recovery mechanism through the following reports:

  1. Replication Health: View details about replication health, including the server name, cmdlet test performed, result, error (if any), and the time at which the test was run.
  2. Database Copy Status: View the status of your database copies, including copy name, status, time, and more.

Exchange Reporter Plus also includes an intuitive dashboard and an alerting mechanism that lets you receive real-time notifications about both replication health and the status of your database copies. 

DAG Replication Health

Figure 1: Get a quick look on the status of DAG replication and database copies through the dashboard.

Ensure that your end users don't run into DAG-related problems. Explore Exchange Reporter Plus' other reporting, auditing, and monitoring functionalities today!


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