How do I check users' permissions over Exchange shared mailboxes?

Shared mailboxes help teams collaborate with each other, but they also come with certain security issues. If yours is a growing business, your organization may be hiring more employees. A new hire could inadvertently inherit access to an important shared mailbox carrying business-critical information. To avoid problems caused by unintentionally inherited access rights, you need to keep an eye on shared mailbox permissions.


Exchange Reporter Plus provides two reports that allow you to audit users' and groups' permissions over shared mailboxes.

  • Shared mailbox permissions: View the permissions users and groups have over shared mailboxes.
  • Mailbox folder permissions: Check the permissions users and groups have over mailbox folders.

These two reports allow you to list the users and groups with permissions, view the access rights they have, check if the permissions were inherited or explicit, and more. The Shared Mailbox Folder Permissions report can also be customized to be run for specific folders.

Shared mailbox permissions using Exchange Reporter Plus
Figure 1: View users' and groups' shared mailbox permissions using Exchange Reporter Plus.

This way, you can track shared mailbox permissions right down to individual folders.

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