How to check on emails that were not delivered in your organization?

In organizations, it occasionally becomes necessary to find out details about all emails that were not delivered to their intended recipients. This need occurs based on the line of work, as explained below.

  • Finance: A patron could be claiming they did not receive their financial statement as an email. When customers bring this up as a reason for not paying their dues, you need to verify if the email was delivered or not.
  • Education: Course schedules and exam time tables could be emailed to students, and you may need to check if they received the email or not.

Each sector has a need to track emails that were not delivered. The native tools are not of much help in this regard, which is why a different solution is needed.


Exchange Reporter Plus offers several reports that allow you to discover complete details about emails that were not delivered in your organization, including the following.

  • Undelivered emails: Get comprehensive information about all emails that were not delivered in your organization.
  • Emails to invalid email addresses: View details about all emails that were not delivered due to bad destination mailbox addresses, too many recipients, sender and recipient address restrictions, and more.
  • Failure due to size: Track all emails that were not delivered due to size issues, such as the recipient's mailbox having exceeded the storage quota, attachment size exceeding the size limits, and more.
  • Delivered vs. undelivered emails: Compare the number of messages that were delivered with those that weren't. Get a quick snapshot about the same through the simple pie chart that accompanies this report.

With Exchange Reporter Plus by your side, you can check if an email was delivered or not effortlessly and ensure proper functioning of your Exchange system.


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