Exchange Server Auditing

Exchange Reporter Plus goes beyond a simple reporting solution and offers an in-built, robust auditing capability which helps in complying with your security needs. The need to audit the Exchange resources increases with increasing number of mailboxes and delegation of mailbox access. Mailboxes often fall prey to hackers due to the very fact that they contain highly sensitive business information. Hence not just monitoring the mailbox access is important, but having a complete analysis of all the communication happening is what is needed.

Exchange Reporter Plus offers the Exchange Server Auditing functionalities to an organization with its simple, intelligent reports that support automatic scheduling. This report set spares the administrators to manually script on PowerShell to carry out Exchange auditing. Most crucial information is served on a platter. The auditing solution can be best understood from the following dimensions.

  • Mailbox Access Permissions Auditing

    Using Mailbox permissions report, it becomes fairly simple to get quick insights on the mailbox access permissions associated with any mailbox. With shared resources like shared mailboxes, the access rights will differ. This report functions as a Mailbox access monitoring tool to identify the authorized users associated with a mailbox and ensures the safety and integrity of the mailbox data. One can retrieve and audit permissions granted to non-owner mailboxes.
  • Mailbox Content Auditing

    Not just the access to mailbox, the auditing capability to mailbox data goes beyond this and offers in-depth intelligent reports on complete mailbox communication. The Mailbox Content reports track all email messages based on subject or body keyword, attachment file name, attachment extension or size. Such insights can be used to probe the source of any Exchange issues and can function as a Exchange server monitoring tool.

    Public Folder auditing

    In addition to mailbox auditing, public folders can also be audited for size and content. The Public folder reports aid in tracking the folder replicas and size. The contents of a public folder can be audited based on keywords and attachments using the Public folder content reports.
  • Auditing the delegate access to mailboxes

    It is quite common to find mailboxes with send on behalf, send as permissions associated with them. It is also possible that some of those permissions might be unauthorized. Mailbox with delegates report makes it easy to track all mailboxes with send on behalf permissions configured. It also lists the users authorized with such permissions thereby giving no room for any kind of discrepancy.

The auditing capabilities can go a long way in keeping a watchful eye on the Exchange environment comprising of Microsoft Exchange Servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. Exchange Reporter Plus functions as an auditing, monitoring and reporting solution and ensures an organized and clean Exchange environment.

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