Exchange Server auditing tool

In addition to Exchange reporting and monitoring, Exchange Reporter Plus also functions as a robust auditing tool that meets all your security needs. With growing business, there's a higher chance of mailboxes falling prey to hackers. Sensitive business information can fall into the hands of rogue users, making it all the more important to audit mailbox access.

Exchange Reporter Plus' auditing functionality spares you from PowerShell scripting to get the data you need. Stay on top of security threats by receiving real-time alerts each time a critical change happens in your Exchange organization. This auditing tool allows you to perform the following:

Mailbox access permissions auditing

Ensure the safety and integrity of mailbox data by auditing users' and groups' access rights over mailboxes. Audit owner and non-owner mailbox permissions, track permission changes, and more using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Mailbox content auditing

Breeze through internal investigations in your organization by easily identifying emails based on keywords in their content. Locate emails based on keywords in their subject or body, attachment file name, type, size, and more.

Public folder auditing

Monitor public folders based on their size and content, just as for mailboxes. Track public folder replicas and size using the Public folder reports. Audit the contents of a public folder based on keywords and attachments using the Public folder content reports.

Mailbox delegate access auditing

Track all mailboxes with send on behalf permissions configured to ensure that no unauthorized permissions were handed out.

These auditing capabilities can go a long way in keeping a watchful eye on your Exchange environment. Exchange Reporter Plus functions as an auditing, monitoring, and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

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