ActiveSync General Reports

These reports are aimed at giving you a wholesome understanding of policies concerning ActiveSync in your Exchange environment. Employ these reports to gather ActiveSync policy details, device details and ActiveSync status information. Alternatively you can also use the quick search feature of these reports to get preferred information right away.

1. ActiveSync Policy Details

Learn which policy applies to which individual mailbox with the assistance of this report. Be it general details, password details or sync details pertaining to ActiveSync policies; this report provides them all.

Activesync General Policy Details Report  Activesync Password Policy Details Report  AActivesync-sync Details Report

2. ActiveSync Device Details

Get reported on the details of all ActiveSync devices in your organization. Obtain summaries on device type, count and mailbox specific device count using this report.

Activesync Device Details Report  Activesync Device Details  Activesync Users Device Summary Reports

3. ActiveSync Mailbox Features

Acquire exclusive reports on features specific to mailboxes in general and ActiveSync status information for each of the mailbox.

Mailbox Features

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