Mailbox Logon Auditing with Exchange Reporter Plus

Auditing Exchange mailbox logins is a prime concern for Exchange administrators since it stores the corporate information, financials other confidential data about the organization. Information related to users who have logged on to what mailboxes at what time can provide Exchange administrators with some timely insights to avoid any fatal risks and errors or policy violations. Exchange Reporter Plus brings in exclusive mailbox logon reports to monitor, audit and alert both non-owner and self-mailbox logins. The reports under this category include

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Non-owner Mailbox Logon Report

Non-owner Mailbox Logon Report
  • Reports on all non–users who gained excessive rights to access other user mailboxes.
  • An important report to detect any unauthorized access to confidential data.
  • Keeps Exchange administrators advised of all non–owner mailbox logins and ensures safety of the mailbox data.

User Logon Activity Report

User Logon Activity Report
  • Proactively audits and tracks users′ logons to mailboxes to provide a clear insight on the user logon history.
  • Lists all the successful user logons with the logon time details to help in meeting the regulatory compliances.

Server-based Logon Report

Server-based Logon Report
  • A holistic report giving statistics on both non–owner and self–mailbox logons based on servers.
  • Shows exact details of who accessed what mailbox within the last day, month or year.


  • Detect intentional or accidental unauthorized accesses.
  • Meet the regulatory compliance policies by providing all the required audit data.
  • Alert the mailbox owner or the administrator of any unauthorized access immediately.
  • Export the report to csv, pdf, html or csv formats.
  • Use the multiple views to have better understanding of the audit data.

Monitor, audit, and get alerts on owner and non-owner mailbox logons.

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