Microsoft 365 Mailbox Properties Reports

With a growing number of Office users and other employees wanting an online office option, it becomes mandatory for an Exchange administrator to be well-informed on all governing factors of Microsoft 365 mailboxes. However, this is easier said than done. Given the huge volume of information, tracking each mailbox gets difficult. This requires a logical segregation of Exchange mailboxes based on properties. ManageEngine’s web-based reporting tool, Exchange Reporter Plus, simplifies the task of identifying and isolating Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

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Reports on Microsoft 365 Mailbox Properties

Mailbox Enabled Users

Mailbox Enabled Users

This report lists all mailbox enabled users, and also includes the mailbox name, email, and server information. It essentially provides the information of all users who have an Microsoft 365 account.

Inactive Mailboxes

Microsoft 365 Inactive Mailboxes

This report lists all old Microsoft 365 accounts in the Exchange Server. This report is based on the user's last log on time. Any mailbox that hasn’t been logged on to within a custom specified number of days is considered to be inactive by Exchange Reporter Plus. This report features the inactive mailbox names and corresponding email addresses, along with the most recent date of log on.

Hidden Mailboxes

Microsoft 365 Hidden Mailboxes

This report displays all the Microsoft 365 mailboxes that have visibility attributes set to "hidden". These mailboxes are difficult to locate as they would not appear on the Exchange address lists. The Hidden Mailboxes report returns a table that shows the name of the mailbox, along with the corresponding email address.

Mailbox with Delegates

Mailbox with Delegates

This report identifies all the Microsoft 365 mailboxes that have assigned delegates. It displays the assigned delegate's mailbox name and email address, as well as the name of the corresponding user who issued the delegation. The report also allows the user to filter data based on objects and groups.

Mailbox with Forward To

Mailbox with Forward To

This report identifies all the Microsoft 365 users who have enabled email forwarding. It lists all the Microsoft 365 mailbox names and their email addresses, along with the corresponding forwarding destinations.

With Exchange Reporter Plus' Microsoft 365 Mailbox Properties reports, managing multiple mailboxes across Exchange servers is an easier task for the Exchange administrator. It provides actionable information on Microsoft 365 mailboxes such as users' last log on time, delegated users, and more, and ensures smooth functioning of the Exchange environment. The reports can also be exported in .csv, .xls, .pdf or .html formats.Now admins find it easy to understand and analyze Microsoft 365 mailbox details, especially since they do not have to invest time and efforts in running endless query scripts on Windows PowerShell.


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