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Exchange Outlook Web Access usage by Department reports

Exchange Outlook Web Access is a webmail service that helps in accessing the mailbox data with the help of an internet connection for users who are always on the move. With such flexibility comes additional responsibility to closely monitor login and logoff details of the Exchange users. To aid in such monitoring of OWA traffic activities, Exchange Reporter Plus provides with the basic Outlook Web Access reports which offers actionable data from various dimensions as given below.

  • Logon count of users who accessed OWA
  • Browser specific login information with details on the browser version and browser name
  • Client IP address used for OWA login
  • Server based OWA statistics highlighting the topmost server with maximum OWA access

The suite of OWA reports does not end here. The OWA logon information can be further drilled down to the level of monitoring and tracking individual department wise logon information. The category of OWA Department reports are designed to provide such in depth OWA specifics by tracking the traffic information from the OWA logs.

Logon count per Department

This report lists the various departments in the organization along with the total logon count for each individual department. This report can be helpful to individually monitor the department wise OWA logins.

 Logon count per Department Report

Logon count for Users of a Department

The Logon count per Department report lists the aggregate OWA logon count for a department. This report goes beyond the surface level by listing the individual users of the department who have logged on using OWA along with their logon count. This report gives a more clear picture of the OWA usage pattern from each department across the entire organization.

 Logon count for Users of a Department Report

Logon Specifics for Users of a Department

This report is the tool to OWA logon statistics. The report generates detailed logon specifics for users of a department like the client IP address from which the users accessed the Outlook Web Access, the browser used along with its version number and the date of OWA logon.

 Logon Specifics for Users of a Department Report

All that an Exchange administrator is required to do is to schedule the OWA reports. Once scheduled, all the OWA login information across the entire organization comprising of Exchange Severs 2003, 2007 and 2010 are generated and the administrator can export the reports to any of the required formats like csv, pdf, xls.

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