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Exchange Reporter Plus now has more than 150 unique reports that cover the length and breadth of the Microsoft Exchange environment. These reports cater to specific needs of different organizations. However, not all reports may be beneficial to all organizations at all phases of business cycle. For example, when you need to tighten IT security, system administrators receive clear instructions to implement stringent monitoring policies on Exchange activities. At such times, they need details on Audit Reports such as Mailbox Permission Changes and Property Changes. When companies recruit en masse, the number of mailboxes increases exponentially. At such times, each kilobyte of server space must be used optimally. Therefore, admins need reports on Mailbox Size and Account Status. The very vastness of Exchange Reporter Plus can sometimes create mazes that restrict navigation within the product, and users may end up wasting valuable time in search of reports.

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The Exchange Reporter Plus team recognized this need and has come up with a Bookmark feature, which can be applied to all reports. This feature allows users to bookmark their most preferred/used report(s) to list(s) and pick from the list(s) when they need one. Furthermore, users can bookmark reports into categories based on desired parameters. This allows a user to organize and customize their usage. The Bookmark feature therefore ensures easy navigation and saves a lot of time for the Exchange administrator.

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