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Microsoft Exchange Server Monitoring, the buzzword sweeping across all industries is undoubtedly what every organization is striving to master. A day filled with issues like email delivery delays, information store approaching the size limits, error messages popping across the screens with server being down are traumatizing to even think about, let alone mastering and resolving them. For Exchange personnel, the need to learn the tricks of this trade is pretty much on the rise.

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Exchange Reporter Plus monitors the following components of Exchange environments:

To ease it out, Exchange Reporter Plus brings in a wholesome package of reports specifically designed to make the Exchange server resource monitoring tasks simple. With these reports, the entire process of performance monitoring of Exchange servers can be effectively broken down to just three steps!!!

  • The first step revolves around scheduling of the appropriate report.
  • Secondly, analysis of the data to gain real-time insights.
  • Thirdly, proactive measures to keep things in control.

That's it! It's that simple. Microsoft Exchange server monitoring highlights include the following.

  • Keep a check on your Exchange server health

    Be it Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016, performance anomalies are now at bay with live reports on the operating conditions of the Exchange server. Important insights that can be tracked include the server volume utilization and its growth, server traffic data across all servers over any given period or day, delivery times by the server, server sending or receiving maximum number of email messages and many more. With such statistics, uptime and optimum utilization of the server resource and capacity planning is guaranteed.
  • Quick facts on the Information Store

    Exchange Reporter Plus can provide accurate, actionable data on the Information store which is next on the watch list. The Exchange store can be monitored in terms of the store growth over any given period, the utilization of the store space by the mailboxes and the store restrictions in place. These specifics aid an administrator to keep a vigilant eye on the mailbox and public stores and take appropriate measures for Exchange server management.
  • An overall Exchange Server Monitoring Tool

    Exchange Reporter Plus can function as a simple and an effective tool to constantly monitor the Exchange environment and keep it up and running. Quick information on stale mailboxes through Mailbox status reports can help in keeping the Exchange environment clean and will ensure effective utilization of the server resources. Not just the mailboxes, the access to mailbox data can also be monitored for security issues. With the OWA reports, precise information on the complete logon specifics can be obtained.
  • Mail traffic monitoring

    Email traffic monitoring forms the large chunk of the pie with exclusive reports to monitor each individual traffic component like server trafficoverall organizational trafficinternet traffic reports to monitor the communication happening beyond the Exchange boundary, custom recipients' traffic and so on. These traffic details present the current scenario which can serve as a vital source to plan the necessary future action and perform a detailed Exchange traffic analysis.

With such robust reports, monitoring of the Exchange servers becomes simple and Exchange Server Health can be checked time to time. These reports help in quickly identifying the current trend and spotting any kind of performance anomalies. These Exchange health indicators help in taking proactive measures.

Get a wholesome package of reports specifically designed to make Exchange Server resource monitoring tasks simple.

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