Exchange Reporter Plus complimentary license

At ManageEngine, we believe in making IT easier and less complex. The Exchange Reporter Plus complimentary license that we sent you is our first step to help accomplish this. To manage hybrid Exchange and Skype for Business simultaneously, try out our reporting, auditing, monitoring, and content search solution, Exchange Reporter Plus.

The tool offers more than 450 intuitive reports to help you analyze various aspects of Exchange. It performs granular auditing, monitors the Exchange server services and endpoints 24/7, and helps create mailbox content search profiles to inspect questionable content being shared via your organization's mailboxes.

Check out all the reporting, auditing, and monitoring features of Exchange Reporter Plus.

  • This ExchangeReporter Plus complimentary license shall be used by you or your organization only.
  • It is valid for one year.
  • If you wish to upgrade, please visit the online store.

How do I utilize my complimentary license?

  1. Save the license file on your computer.
  2. Install and login to the Exchange Reporter Plus web client using the default credentials (username: admin | password: admin).
  3. Click the License option at the top-right corner of the page.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Browse and select the license file.
  5. Click Upgrade.

Highlights of Exchange Reporter Plus

Holistic reporting:

Create the custom reports of your choice. Schedule reports to be generated at specified intervals and email to all configured stakeholders. Use advanced filters options to customize your search. Export reports in four different file formats: PDF, HTML, XLS, and CSV.

Granular auditing:

Specify the actions that you would like to audit. Configure schedules to fetch important audit data as and when required. Store the generated audit logs indefinitely.

Vigilant monitoring:

Monitor all services and endpoints continuously. Add or remove fields from the report generated to scrutinize your Exchange environment. Configure alert profiles for specific actions to receive real-time updates.

Comprehensive content search:

Perform attribute, pattern, and keyword-based searches in your organization's mailboxes and view the mail content in HTML format. Directly download attachments to check their authenticity.

User-friendly dashboards:

View an overall summary of the reports in a graphical format. Receive customizable snippets and dashboard representation of complex analytical data.

Visit our online store anytime to upgrade to the paid version.

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