How do I identify details about emails that were not delivered?

A previous tips and tricks post discussed how you can check on emails that were not delivered in an Exchange on-premises organization. Keeping an eye on email delivery is important for any business. Your organization could be embroiled in a situation where a user claims they never received an important email. To verify this, you, as an IT admin, will be asked to identify emails that were not delivered with a particular time period.

Just like in the on-premise servers, identifying undelivered emails is a hassle in Exchange Online.


Exchange Reporter Plus offers comprehensive reports on emails that weren't delivered through the following reports:

  • Undelivered Emails
  • Emails to Invalid Addresses
  • Failed Emails Due to Size
  • Delivered vs Undelivered

The Undelivered Emails report (Fig. 1) includes details such as the sender and recipient email addresses, message subject, size, and source and destination IP addresses.

Undelivered emails
Figure 1: Get details about undelivered emails using Exchange Reporter Plus.

This way, you can resolve conflicts in your organization effortlessly by immediately checking if emails were delivered or not using Exchange Reporter Plus. Explore the other reporting, auditing, and monitoring functionalities of Exchange Reporter Plus today.


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