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Offering Mailbox Content Reports and Public Folder Content Reports, Exchange Reporter Plus is at once a valuable email security product for your organization. With the kind of filtering options available in these mailbox reports, it is very easy to track virus programs on loose in the network or smoke out emails containing content that is inappropriate or irrelevant to business (or even expose emails that could potentially harm business such as leak of confidential information).

Supplementing these mailbox reports are the email traffic trend analysis reports that aid in analysis across Exchange servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 through which any unusual surge in email traffic resulting from a spam or virus attack, could easily be identified early on and prevented from snowballing into an irreparable damage.

Mailbox Content Reports:

  • Folder Message Count and Size
  • Messages By Subject Keyword
  • Messages By Body Keyword
  • Attachments By File Name Keyword
  • Attachments By File Size
  • Attachments By File Extension Keyword

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Email Security:

Emails were once the safest form of communication — when they were "text only"! Trouble brewed when email technology advanced to accommodate the demands of modern jet-speed information sharing, and became equipped to carry any kind of file attachment and any amount of it! They have literally become digital freight carriers!

Rich text emails and email attachments are perfect vectors for hackers to plant their virus programs! Thus one can never really tell what is in a mailbox — whether it´s useful information or a deadly virus program! Thus keeping a vigilant eye on Exchange mailboxes is an important part of Exchange reporting. This is where Mailbox Content Reports and its filters play a vital role!

"Attachments By File Extension Keyword" and Virus Detection

Most famous ploy used by hackers to implant a virus in an organization is to send an email which appears totally innocuous and contains some executable file, which is actually a virus program. Often the content of the email is so trustworthy that users are fooled into downloading and executing the .exe, fulfilling the hacker´s goal, which could be a silly prank or an intent to cause serious damage to business! So, email attachments always deserve a special attention!

With Exchange Reporter Plus, it is quite easy to set up filters to scout attachments — be it "txt", or "ppt", or "bat", or whatever. Once configured, any mailbox which contains attachments would be exposed under the "Attachments By File Extension Keyword" report. It also gives details such as attachment file name, its extension and size, date it was received, etc. Any dubious attachment could be easily identified from this report.

Combating Virus Outbreaks

When cyber criminals go berserk they are on a spree of spreading viruses! Or terrorist organizations go trigger-happy with spreading malicious Trojans! When such outbreaks occur, news about the virus and its identity markers — such as the content of the email carrying it or the attachment type or name — spreads faster!

Detecting viruses using subject or body keywords

Not just filters to detect emails with attachments, our mailbox reports also enable you to configure filters to look for specific keywords in the subject of the email or its body of content. So, as soon as you come to hear of a virus outbreak, preemptively configure this report to sniff out mails that contain suspicious keywords. Run the "Messages By Subject Keyword" and "Messages By Body Keyword" reporting tool regularly, trace the infected mailboxes, and prevent any catastrophe.

Detecting known viruses using filenames

Alternatively, if the virus attachment name is known, you can use it to configure yet another report — Attachments By File Name Keyword — and keep a vigil on the Exchange mailboxes.

Detect unusual surge in email traffic resulting from a spam or virus attack with this tool.

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