Migrating from Exchange On-Premises to Exchange Online

The number of organizations that use Exchange Online as their email provider has been steadily increasing over the years due to various factors such as remote accessibility, easy scalability, and low operating costs. However, migrating to Exchange Online from on-premises Exchange is not an easy task for organizations. A large number of employees and data stored in Exchange servers can make the process complex and time-consuming.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus eases the pain associated with Exchange migration with its built-in migration tool. With Exchange Reporter Plus, administrators can automate migration from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online and ensure seamless migration.

How does migration work?

When you configure Exchange Reporter Plus to migrate your mailboxes, the product maps the on-premises mailbox to the Exchange Online mailbox using attributes such as first name, last name, email address, or even custom attributes. When the migration schedule runs, it searches for the user in Exchange Online based on the criteria provided. If a user with the specified credentials is available, the mailbox data is migrated.

If there are no users in Exchange Online with the selected criteria, Exchange Reporter Plus will automatically create a new user in Exchange Online with the details of the user available in on-premises Exchange. In addition to creating the user account, the product will also add a license to the newly created user account and process the migration, ensuring the user is ready to begin working right away.

Benefits of migrating using Exchange Reporter Plus

Disruption-free migration: You can schedule your migrations to happen during non-business hours to ensure there is no additional strain on your Exchange servers.

Complete visibility: You can get complete visibility over the migration process with a clear and concise status at each step.

Hybrid reporting, auditing, and monitoring: Migration from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online is not a simple process, and it can take a long time to fully transition to an online environment. During the migration process, Exchange Reporter Plus allows you to report, audit, and monitor your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online environments from a single console.

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