Pricing Details

Pricing Details

Exchange Reporter Plus licensing is based on number of Exchange Mailboxes. The following table gives the pricing details.

Note: The pricing given below is for annual license only.

License Standard Professional
25 Mailboxes US$0 -
100 Mailboxes US$295 US$495
200 Mailboxes US$495 US$795
500 Mailboxes US$795 US$1,295
1000 Mailboxes US$1,295 US$1,995
2000 Mailboxes US$1,495 US$2,295
3000 Mailboxes US$1,995 US$2,995
5000 Mailboxes US$2,995 US$4,495
10000 Mailboxes US$4,995 US$6,495
20000 Mailboxes US$5,995 US$7,495
30000 Mailboxes US$6,995 US$8,495
50000 Mailboxes US$7,995 US$9,495
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