Get reports on your Skype for Business Server using Exchange Reporter Plus

Windows-based organizations usually depend on Skype for Business Server (formerly Lync) for communication and collaboration. While Skype for Business lets you communicate with your employees and partners all over the world, managing Skype servers can be a bit difficult. To get reports on your Skype for Business environment, you have to use the native Lync Sever Control Panel or PowerShell.

A comprehensive Skype for Business reporting tool

To address the challenges that come with using traditional tools for Skype reporting, Exchange Reporter Plus provides granular reports on Skype for Business. This reporting, change auditing, and monitoring tool provides reports on the aspects of your Skype environment listed below.


As an administrator, you need to monitor the settings and configurations of web and dial-in conferences to ensure smooth calls. Exchange Reporter Plus allows you to:

  • View conference and attendee details.
  • Identify inactive conference users.
  • Check conference configuration settings.
  • See client PIN policies configured in your organization.
  • And more!

Instant messaging

Instant messaging (IM) allows your users to communicate with each other through text-based messages. With Exchange Reporter Plus, you can keep an eye on how IM is being used in your organization. This tool allows you to:

  • List all IMs between users.
  • View the users with the most IM sessions.
  • Get details about your users' IM sessions with external users.
  • Check the IM filters configured in your organization.

Audio and video

Skype for Business enables your users to have audio and video calls with each other. With Exchange Reporter Plus, you can:

  • View details about all audio and video calls—failed or otherwise.
  • Identify users who make the most audio and video calls.
  • Check unassigned numbers and the routing rules assigned to those numbers.
  • Get information about the configured voice policies.

File transfer

File transfers are an important feature of Skype for Business that your employees use. Exchange Reporter Plus allows you to:

  • View the files transferred between users.
  • List users who transfer files internally and externally.
  • Get a summary of all file transfers in your organization.
  • Check file transfer filter configurations.


Exchange Reporter Plus lets you:

  • View which users have Skype enabled or disabled.
  • Get details about archiving policies and configurations.
  • Check details about your Skype environment, including information about:
    • Pools.
    • Sites.
    • Servers.
    • Machines.
    • SQL instances.

This way, you can easily keep an eye on your organization's Skype for Business environment.

Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis, change auditing, and monitoring solution for Skype for Business Server, Exchange Online, and Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. It helps you monitor the health of Exchange services and components, audit your event logs, get real-time alerts about critical changes, fetch mailbox insights, and more. Reports can be scheduled to be sent to specified stakeholders or exported to a destination folder in any format, including CSV, PDF, XLS, or HTML.

Get a comprehensive set of reports on your Skype for Business setup.

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