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Application Performance Management

IT's new day for applications performance and availability with ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Resolve - application outages quickly
  • Troubleshoot - performance bottlenecks
  • Get the visibility - you need
  • Control - your business infrastructure

Applications Manager

Application performance management ensures more responsive applications and lower TCO

Real-IT check: Can your IT operations and service teams solve application performance issues before they impact users? Are they using the most modern diagnostics? Do your key applications perform consistently on physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures?

Application performance management imperatives:

  • Deliver high availability and top performance - for business applications
  • Monitor all elements - in physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Empower IT operations and service teams - with the latest tools

The ManageEngine difference.

IT done right. According to Gartner, event consolidation - bringing together server, network, database and application event data - ensures that when it's filtered and correlated, the risk of multiple tickets being created from one event is reduced. Today's IT environments are built from a remarkably diverse set of software, systems and components. With ManageEngine Applications Manager, IT and data center teams can monitor the performance of heterogeneous applications from a single web console, receive alerts when issues arise, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, track trends and plan capacities using integrated reports.

  • Boost productivity - lower total cost of ownership
  • Improve - service availability and efficiency
  • Gain a holistic view - of business applications
  • Optimize resources - through in-depth visibility
  • Empower IT - with business views
  • Pinpoint application performance issues faster - reduces overall time to repair problems
  • Hit the ground running - Install, configure and deploy in minutes

Applications Manager

Applications Manager

Success Stories

" Regardless of whether the applications are running in a physical environment, as part of a virtual environment, or even in the cloud, Applications Manager gives me insight and control through a single easy to use interface."

Robert Perez,

Ventura Foods, LLC.

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