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Fault Management

Application Manager Fault management feature helps in reporting the errors in the managed system. Alarms, such as server down, high servlet execution time, etc. are reported by Applications Manager and you can take appropriate action on the same.

Fault Management - Detect, Notify, and Correct Problems

Alarms can be generated by setting Thresholds. The alarm mechanism provides color-coded alarm depiction and option to add operator notes. Also, any alarm generated in the system is assigned a severity and is notified appropriately.

The Alarms view provides immediate visibility into errors and other critical problems occurring in the network. You can further drill-down this view for more insight into the alarms.

When an error is detected, it can be notified immediately by configuring an action. There are many ways by which alarm Notifications are done. Applications manager supports the following actions:

  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Execute custom scripts
  • Execute MBean Operation
  • Send SNMP Traps to third-party consoles.
  • Logging a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus. ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based Help Desk and Asset Management software, offered by Manageengine.
  • Java Action
  • Virtual Machine Action
  • Amazon EC2 Instance Action
  • Windows Services Action

Also, JMX Notifications and SNMP Traps can be received in Applications Manager and they can trigger the actions configured.

For more information, refer to Fault Management Online Help.