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Defending the Exchange server vulnerabilities with Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Servers are the hub behind every day email communication helping business processes perform to its fullest potential. Even a small amount of negligence can prove costly. With the amount of importance associated with Exchange servers only increasing with every passing day, we take a look at Achilles heels of the Exchange environment and how Exchange Reporter Plus helps in defending such loopholes in the Exchange set up.

Weak passwords

Insufficient and weak passwords can provide an attacker or a hacker the much-needed opportunity to enter into the Exchange environment. Such weak passwords can be easily exploited for Outlook Web Access (OWA) accounts. Hence protecting and monitoring the OWA usage is no more an option but a deliberate choice. Such vulnerabilities can be easily traced using the OWA reports offered by Exchange Reporter Plus. All vital information such as the client IP address used for access, the browser used, the date and time of OWA login and the Exchange server used are all produced in just few mouse clicks.

Lack of content filtering and monitoring mechanisms

Keeping a check on the Exchange communication in terms of its content and monitoring the email messages can help in combating spams and virus attacks. Such content filtering and monitoring mechanisms are available with Exchange Reporter Plus in the form Mailbox content reports. These reports help in scanning all the email messages transmitted for specific keywords and email attachments. With exclusive Exchange traffic reports, all email traffic across the Exchange organization can be traced. This can help in closely monitoring any sudden peak in email traffic between specific Exchange users.

Leaving private data in public folders

With the intent of sharing information across users in an Exchange organization, many users leave sensitive information in the public folders. Such acts of negligence can result in providing access to the corporate data that should otherwise be protected from unauthorized access. With Exchange Reporter Plus Public Folder reports, the contents of a folder can be completely scanned for the presence of any specific file types.

Accounts with improper permissions assigned

Assigning excessive rights to user accounts on specific Exchange mailboxes can prove disastrous for the sensitive data contained in the mailboxes. To effectively monitor such mailbox permissions, Exchange Reporter Plus offers the Mailbox Permission reports. These reports list the permissions based on both the individual mailboxes and Exchange users and thereby aid in managing the security and permissions related to users and mailboxes.

Securing the Exchange system can longer be confined to a single component rather it should be a holistic approach ranging from passwords, SSL, OWA to physical security of the data center. Such holistic security process can be made possible with the wide range of reports that are available with Exchange Reporter Plus.

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