August 2013 Newsletter

Exchange Reporter Plus releases new reports that shed light on email traffic stats specific to internal domains.

With the recent enhancement to Exchange Reporter Plus, you can acquire information about email traffic through the domains in your organization - with lots of precision and much little efforts. Simply set the time period, generate the reports and mange better!

Email traffic from domains

This report fetches the size and number of mails sent from your organization’s internal domains. Based on the volume of mails sent, top ten domains by size and number are evaluated and depicted in bar graph format. Know which domain sends the highest number of mails and administer better.

Email traffic to domains

This report brings to you the exact count of mails received by internal domains in your organization. Based on the size and number of received messages, the top ten internal domains are arrayed and presented in the form of bar graphs.

For more on the latest release updates, follow our release notes.

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