May 2013 Newsletter

′Exchange Server Auditing′ unveiled by Exchange Reporter Plus with support for auditing mailbox logons, permissions and properties.

Exchange Reporter Plus, an affordable and complete Exchange server reporting solution, announces the release of Exchange Server Auditing. With this major release, organizations can benefit not only from the
100+ Exchange reports offered but also with the new auditing functionality that can track any unauthorized
or accidental mailbox logins, critical changes made to the mailbox permissions or properties compromising on security and company policies.

Highlights of this release

  • Mailbox Logon reports to track all non–users who gained excessive rights to access other user mailboxes and proactively monitor user logon activity.
  • Reports to gather data on all changes made to critical mailbox permissions like Send As, Full Access, Read or Write with Mailbox Permission Change reports.
  • Vital changes like mailbox quota changes, message size restriction modifications, mailbox activation, deactivation or store mount and dismount cannot escape from the vigilant eyes of the administrator with the Mailbox Property and Exchange Store changes reports.
  • A complete collection of audit data to detect any trace of security breach and to meet all your regulatory compliance needs.
  • Fault management functionality for raising real–time alerts to notify any critical event.
  • Option to archive audit data beyond a certain time period and re–archive them when needed.
  • Support for multiple views to have complete understanding of the audit data from all perspectives.

For more on the latest release updates, follow our release notes.

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