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Oracle Tuxedo Monitor

    Oracle Tuxedo Monitoring

  • Oracle Tuxedo is a well known application server known for its scalability and flexibility in deploying and managing several mission-critical applications. Also, it is known for its prowess in communicating among applications written in languages like C, C++, COBOL, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby, which co-exist in the same container.

    Applications Manager delves deep into Oracle Tuxedo's architecture, and monitors parameters that determine the efficiency and speed of applications running on it

  • Ensure better client-server communication

    Track the status of the bulletin board (accessers, conversations and objects), number of clients logged in, service load, etc. and detect if service requests are being properly assigned to specific servers. Know more about the queue status, and the number of requests that are queued or processed, to determine any possible bottlenecks in processing.

  • Monitor Tuxedo bridge to efficiently perform multi-threaded execution

    In multi-node architectures, bridges are used to communicate between two Tuxedo systems. In such cases, it is critical to know about the bridge status, number of messages processed, etc. as it affects the potential of data throughput.

  • Measure transactions to fine tune application performance

    Monitor the percentage of transactions used, amongst the maximum number of transactions that can be processed to enhance an application's performance, by allocating an optimum number of transactions that can be processed.

  • Detect any potential slowdown or delay in applications

    Know more dynamic information about the state of an application by monitoring the queue details ( status of the queue, queue length, number of requests queued or processed) to determine any possible delay in processing a request.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager Tuxedo Queue
  • Improve the responsiveness of Tuxedo Server

    Track the state of the server and the transactions running on it ( aborted, initiated or committed) to determine the number of server process instances that have successfully started, and whether client requests are distributed evenly between them

    ManageEngine Applications Manager Tuxedo Servers
  • Perform better capacity planning, by retrieving details of Tuxedo services

    When a transaction is initiated, it is critical to ensure that all service invocations be part of the transaction. This can be determined by monitoring Tuxedo service details ( name and state of running services). Ensure load balancing by spreading load across various machines within a domain so that several services can run on multiple machines.

    ManageEngine Applications Manager Tuxedo Services

    You can also use Applications Manager's Oracle monitoring capabilities to monitor the performance of your Oracle database! Start your 30-day, free trial now!

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