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Custom Script Monitoring

Script Monitoring

Monitor your scripts effortlessly

Monitor various ad-hoc Windows/in-house Linux scripts with ease. Reduce tedious manual efforts and also track complicated script outputs that are usually difficult to process.

With Applications Manager's script monitor, you can:

Customize your script monitors to suit your monitoring needs

Choose specific attributes of the script output to be monitored. You can monitor both numerical and non-numerical attributes. For scripts that generate table structure outputs, monitor individual values in the table and get alerted when row values are empty.

For windows based scripts, track SNMP OIDs and get notified of any changes in the network.

System Management - Script Monitoring

Override default availability and response times

Use the script monitor to override the default values of availability and response times. For script output files that contain values in the reserved keywords format, you can configure keyword attributes to fetch values from the output file.

Response Time - Script Monitoring

Leverage powerful reporting features to perform trend analysis

View historical reports on attributes such as response time and availability. The generated reports can be viewed based on different time periods and can be exported as PDF files for future analysis. You can also schedule reports to be generated at specific times and configure them to be sent as an email to you.

Reporting - Script Monitoring

Start monitoring your scripts in just a few minutes!

If you are looking to monitor your scripts, just download a trial version of Applications Manager, set up the script monitor, and start tracking the output attributes now!

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