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Application Discovery Dependency Mapping

    Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)

    Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) is a management solution which discovers various applications running on various servers and network devices within the network infrastructure, and maps the dependencies between them. It aids in discovering, mapping, and building a holistic view of all the resources running in a business infrastructure and the relationships between them.

    With ManageEngine Applications Manager's new Application Discovery Dependency Mapping (ADDM) feature, you can get a complete view of your complex IT infrastructure, easily drill down to IT relationships, and map them effortlessly!

    Discover resources faster with ADDM.

    Use Applications Manager's Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) tool to discover all the resources (storage, network, applications, servers, and databases) in your IT environment. The vCenter server allows you to discover resources in your entire VMware virtual infrastructure, or you can specify an IP range to discover all resources within that range. You can also schedule periodic re-discoveries to stay updated about new resources.

    Application Discovery Dependency Mapping - ManageEngine Applications Manager
    Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) - ManageEngine Applications Manager

    Design a business service dependency map.

    Create business service groups, and automatically associate all discovered resources to the desired group with the help of our Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping tool. Gain a global view of all discovered applications, from web services to URLs. View the connections and dependencies among applications and their relationship with the infrastructure, as a whole.

    ADDM Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

    View the status of applications, and troubleshoot quickly.

    The business view displays all the connections between various associated components in the IT infrastructure. This way, you can view the components associated with a particular application and quickly locate faulty devices, instead of having to browse through the entire infrastructure. Once the issue is diagnosed, you can troubleshoot accordingly with the help of our ADDM tool.

    Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

    CMDB integration and updates made effortless.

    Our Application Dependency Mapping software aids you in understanding the underlying components of your IT environment, and how they are connected. Further, you can place these components and their dependencies in the CMDB of ServiceDesk Plus, so that they become configuration items (CIs). Map accurate CIs to your service management processes with CMDB ADDM integration, and be informed of the impact of configuration changes and planned downtime, all from the relationship maps. The CMDB is automatically updated with the ADDM module. All in all, this feature gives you everything you need to know about your IT environment, in one place.

    Application Dependency Mapping Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
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