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Synthetic Performance Monitoring Tools

Simulate user experiences, pre-empt potential issues, and ensure 24x7 availability.

Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring tool acts as a virtual user, meticulously traversing your website or application and mimicking real user journeys. By simulating critical interactions and page loads across major desktop browsers, you can:

  • Simulate multiple users interacting with your application using Selenium-based scripts and REST API checks. API testing enables you to track response times, error rates, and resource utilization during this simulated load.
  • Proactively identify and address potential issues before they impact real users. Get ahead of the curve and ensure seamless performance.
  • Pinpoint the source of slow responses and downtime with laser precision. Is it a sluggish database query, a bloated script, or a network bottleneck? Applications Manager will expose the culprit, empowering site reliability engineers and DevOps engineers to take swift action.
  • Guarantee a consistently exceptional experience for your users on every browser. Applications Manager monitors performance across popular platforms like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, ensuring your website or app shines regardless of user choice.

Go beyond basic metrics with Applications Manager's synthetic monitor

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Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring tools help you get answers to questions like: Is my website available 24x7? How fast is my website at this moment? Are my key business transactions working? How are the third-party components operating? Is there a failure or slowdown anywhere?

Applications Manager goes beyond just answering questions. It also empowers you to:

  • Proactively prevent downtime and SLA breaches.
  • Boost user satisfaction and conversion rates.
  • Minimize costs associated with performance issues.

Experience your web app like a user with the power of synthetic testing

Unpredictable application performance can cripple the user experience and hurt your business. Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring software is your weapon to combat these challenges: Proactively simulate real user journeys, identify hidden bottlenecks, and ensure consistent performance across all touchpoints. Gain actionable insights into user behavior, optimize resource allocation, and deliver exceptional experiences that drive customer satisfaction and business growth. With Applications Manager:

Track critical components and metrics

Elevate your user experience with Applications Manager's Real Browser Monitor(RBM). This sophisticated tool transcends traditional synthetic transaction monitoring by mimicking real user behavior through automated scripts, precisely replicating the journeys your customers take on your website.

The RBM utilizes two powerful components to enable synthetic transaction monitoring:

  • Web Transaction Recorder: Capture your application's user flow with ease, recording every click, scroll, and interaction to build realistic browser scripts. These recordings, which capture user actions from actual browsers, can also be revisited at a later time in the recorder tool.
  • End User Monitoring (EUM) agents: Strategically deploy these agents across diverse geographic locations to simulate user journeys from multiple perspectives, enabling you to gain granular insights into performance from anywhere in the world.
Synthetic Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Synthetic Monitoring Solutions - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Replicate user journeys

Applications Manager's Web Transaction Recorder provides a robust solution for the meticulous capture and analysis of user journeys, enabling proactive identification and resolution of performance issues within web applications. Analyze entire user flows, and get insights into critical paths and interactions that might be missed by traditional URL-based monitoring.

Precise user flow replication: The Web Transaction Recorder precisely records simulated user transactions, capturing HTTPS and HTTP request URLs in their exact sequence to mirror real-world interactions and uncover potential bottlenecks.
Real-time response code monitoring: The Web Transaction Recorder detects bad response codes instantly, triggering proactive alerts for swift resolution and minimizing negative impacts on the user experience.

Synthetic Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Gain insight into website behavior from multiple geographical locations

Go beyond limited performance metrics and gain a global understanding of your user experience with Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring platform. You can install our EUM agents in locations of your choice—enterprise branch offices, actual customer locations, or on AWS instances. Our powerful synthetic monitoring system empowers you to:

  • Measure regional performance variations: Pinpoint latency issues and bottlenecks impacting users in specific locations, ensuring consistent performance across the globe.
  • Gauge localized user experience: Understand how language, cultural preferences, and infrastructure differences affect user journeys, allowing you to personalize and optimize experiences.
  • Gain critical insights into service health: Monitor the vital signs of your applications and services, including health, availability, and status, ensuring consistent performance across all regions.

Synthetic Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get comprehensive details about your URL sequences

Gain granular control over your website's performance with Applications Manager's comprehensive synthetic monitoring service. Beyond basic availability checks, Applications Manager provides in-depth insights into critical metrics like:

  • Individual URL and page response times: Identify performance bottlenecks at the granular level, pinpointing slow elements and optimizing page load speeds.
  • DNS resolution times: Uncover potential DNS bottlenecks and optimize domain resolution for faster website access.
  • Page size analysis: Analyze page size distribution and identify resource-intensive elements for efficient website optimization.

Synthetic Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

The synthetic monitor allows you to capture screenshots of your transaction to gain better insights, especially during downtime. Additional details about the captured webpage, such as the types of resources used and the time taken to load each resource, are also provided.

Synthetic Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track key webpage components

While monitoring your web applications is crucial, Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring features empower you to go much further. Gain complete visibility into your entire digital infrastructure with comprehensive monitoring of:

  • Web servers: Ensure optimal performance and uptime for your web servers, preventing outages and latency.
  • Web services: Monitor the health and responsiveness of diverse web services, including DNS servers, ping, Telnet, TCP/IP ports, SNMP, NPS, UDP, and LDAP.
  • REST APIs: Guarantee the smooth operation of your APIs, and prevent disruptions that could impact critical integrations.
  • Email servers: Secure reliable email delivery with availability monitoring of SMTP and POP servers.

You can also supplement your synthetic monitoring data with that of real user monitoring to keep track of frontend performance based on actual traffic.

Detect and resolve performance anomalies with accurate RCA

Detect issues in your web apps with synthetic testing and ensure incident resolution before they manifest to end users. Applications Manager's powerful fault management system is equipped with anomaly detection and RCA capabilities that accurately pinpoint the root cause of slow performance and errors. It also comes with automated actions that can be triggered in case of admittable threshold violations. This helps slash your mean time to identify (MTTI) and mean time to resolve (MTTR) and reduce manual interventions in case of errors.

Synthetic monitoring software

Evaluate and analyze application performance with intelligent reports

Transform your synthetic monitoring efforts with Applications Manager's data-driven application analytics and historical trend analysis. Analyze historical data on critical parameters like availability, response times, and load times across all components of your services. This empowers you to identify emerging trends, anticipate potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions for continuous performance optimization.

Synthetic Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Synthetic Monitoring System - ManageEngine Applications Manager


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