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Managing sanctioned applications

Log360 Cloud provides you the option to monitor the sanctioned and banned applications usage in your organization. Sanctioned applications are applications that are trusted by your organization.

In Log360 Cloud, you need to add trusted applications to the sanctioned applications list to ensure access continuity.

How to add an application to the Sanctioned Application list in Log360 Cloud?

  • Navigate to Settings > Configuration > Cloud App Settings > Sanctioned Applications.
  • On the Sanctioned Cloud Applications page, click +Add Application.
  • In the Cloud Apps Domain Names text box, enter comma separated domain names that are to be reviewed and added to the sanctioned applications list. You can use the wildcard character "*" to add domain names.
  • Once you have entered all the website names, click Review. The review action will query the specified applications to infer details about them, and thus will take some time.
  • Click Open Reviews button to view the status of review completion.
  • After the reviews are completed, click the Continue button present against the domain names to view additional information about the domains.
  • Select the domain names you want to add to the sanctioned list and click Add All.

Managing sanctioned applications

  • If you want to remove a few domain names from being added to the sanctioned list, select the domain names and click the delete button.
  • Please note that all the domains, whether checked or unchecked, will be added to the sanctioned list if you click Add All.