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Steps to install Gateway Server

Steps to install Gateway Server

Go to Settings → Configuration → Cloud Protection Settings → Server → Gateway Servers → Health → Manage

  1. Click the Download Gateway Server button in the top right corner.
  2. Once downloaded, double click the Log360Cloud-CP-Gateway.msi file.
  3. Follow the steps given in the gateway installation wizard.
  4. If your environment requires a proxy, enter the proxy details in the appropriate field. If not, proceed with a direct connection.
  5. Click the Access Key button highlighted in the above image and enter the same in the installation wizard and click OK.
  6. Once the installation process is complete, the Gateway Server will communicate with the Log360 Cloud to sync the configuration details.
  7. Click on the Refresh button from the top right corner to get the updated status.

Steps to update Gateway Server

  1. Open your system's Control Panel.
  2. Uninstall ManageEngine Log360Cloud - Cloud Protection Gateway program.
  3. Download the new gateway server and install using the steps given above.

Steps to update Proxy Settings

  1. In the machine running the gateway server, go to Services.msc and stop the ManageEngine Log360Cloud - Cloud Protection Gateway Service.
  2. Run the Command Prompt as administrator at <Gateway Server installation location>\bin (The default location is C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\ManageEngine Log360 Cloud - Cloud Protection Gateway\bin), and execute the EditProxySettings.bat file.
  3. This will open Proxy Settings popup. In the window, update your proxy settings and click Save.
  4. Now go to Services.msc and restart the ManageEngine Log360Cloud - Cloud Protection Gateway service.