Help Document

Adding Terminal Servers

  • Log into your Log360 Cloud dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Configuration Settings -> Log source configuration -> Applications tab.
  • From the right panel, click on the General Applications tab to view the list of applications being monitored.
  • To add a new application, click on Add General Applications.
  • Adding SQL server
  • Select Terminal from the Application Type drop down box.
  • Expand the list by clicking the "+" icon to add a new device.
  • Choose from the drop-down menu to add Configured devices, Workgroup devices, domain devices, etc.
  • Adding SQL server
  • To add new devices manually, click on Configure Manually and enter Log Source.
  • Adding SQL server
  • If the device type is syslog, check the Add as Syslog device box. If the device type is Windows, enter Username > Password > Verify Credentials.
  • Click on Select and Add to add the log source.
  • Use the Select Agent dropdown to select the device that is the agent to which the logs will be forwarded.
  • The applications will now be added for monitoring.

Terminal Server Configuration

Open Event Viewer > Application and Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > TerminalServices-Gateway > Operational. Now, right click and select Enable Log. This will enable logging for the corresponding Gateway or Operational processes. The logs can be viewed in Event Viewer.

Note: If the terminal server device is a 64-bit Windows OS machine (i.e., Windows Vista and above), carry out the following registry configuration:
  • Open the registry editor regedit of the Terminal Server machine in the Command Line Window.
  • Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\eventlog\
  • To create a new key, right click on log360cloud, click new > key. You can name the key as Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices-Gateway/Operational.

This will convert the log type to Administrative thus enabling you to perform searches and generate reports out of these logs.

The above configuration is not required for 32-bit Windows OS versions.