Help Document

Adding ManageEngine ITOM solution

  • Log into your Log360 Cloud dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Configuration Settings -> Log source configuration -> Applications tab.
  • From the right pane, click on the General Applications tab to view the list of applications being monitored.
  • To add a new application, click on Add General Applications.
  • Adding SQL server
  • Select ManageEngine ITOM solution from the Application Type drop down box.
  • Expand the list by clicking the "+" icon to add a new device.
  • Choose from the drop-down menu to add Configured devices, Workgroup devices, domain devices, etc.
  • Adding SQL server
  • To add new devices manually, click on Configure Manually and enter Log Source.
  • Adding SQL server
  • Click on Select and Add to add the log source.
  • Use the Select Agent dropdown to select the device that is the agent to which the logs will be forwarded.
  • The applications will now be added for monitoring.

Configuring ManageEngine OpManager

The following are the steps to configure ManageEngine OpManager.

  1. Login to OpManager.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Notifications.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Profile Type

    Select Syslog Profile and enter the following details.

    • Destination Host - IP address or host name of the Log360 Cloud Agent server.
    • Destination Port - Any port that the Log360 Cloud instance is listening to.
    • Severity and Facility must be the default values i.e. $severity and kernel.

    For Log360 Cloud to parse logs from OpManager, the message variables in the syslog profile of OpManager should be entered in the following format:

    Mandatory message variables

    • ALARM_MESSAGE:$message
    • ALARM_ID:$alarmid
    • ALARM_CODE:$alarmid

    Other important message variables

    • ALARM_SOURCE:$displayName
    • ALARM_CATEGORY:$category
    • ALARM_SEVERITY:$stringseverity
    • ALARM_TRIGGER_TIME:$strModTime
    • ALARM_EVENT_TYPE:$eventType
    • Entity: $entity
    • Last Polled Value: $lastPolledValue
  5. Click Next.


  • Click on the Criteria check-box.
  • Enable the notification for all severities and click Next.

Device Selection

  • Select the By Device option and select all the devices listed under Remaining Devices and click Next.


  • You don't have to configure anything in this section. Click Next.


  • Enter a profile name and click Save.
  • Note: If the same machine is running two or more ManageEngine products, ensure the following:

  • The ports used by the products are unique.
  • The Log360 Cloud port receiving logs from OpManager and Password Manager Pro is not used by other ManageEngine products.