Help Document

Configuration settings


Follow the below given steps to view information on the monitored devices and the log collection status.

  • Navigate to Settings → Configuration → Devices.
  • Select the Device type from the drop-down list.
  • The list of devices being monitored will be listed.
  • Devices management

Devices groups

To view details of devices groups and the number devices in those groups, navigate to Settings → Configuration → Device Groups.

Devices Groups

Import log data

This page displays the list of imported log files and can be viewed based upon the log type.

Log types:

  • Event logs
  • Application logs

Threat source

This page displays the threat solutions along with the name of the host, type, family, and last message time.


This page provides information on the vCenter servers that have been added in your local EventLog Analyzer installation. The details displayed are log collection status, last message time and next scan.