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IBM i Monitor Messages

IBM i server - Monitoring Messages

Tracking messages displayed in your IBM i server.

  • How do you keep track of the various messages passing in the IBM i server?
  • Do you want to be notified of those messages that need a reply ?
  • How can you filter messages and track diagnostic messages ?
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Message Information display gives you more detailed information about the various message(s) being displayed in your IBM i server. The messages are displayed with in-depth details such as message ID, severity of the message, type of the message, message text with a cause and recovery information if applicable, date and time of the message generated and help information for that particular message.

Some of the parameters monitored are:

Severity A 2-digit value ranging from 00 through 99. The higher the value the more severe or important the condition.
Type Completion: A message that conveys completion status of work.
Diagnostic: A message that indicates errors in a system function, errors in an application, or errors in input data.
Escape: A message that describes a condition for which a program must end abnormally.
Information: A message that provides general non error-related information.
Inquiry: A message that conveys information but also asks for a reply.
Notify: A message that describes a condition for which a program requires corrective action or a reply.
Reply: A message that is a response to a received inquiry or notify message.
Request:A message that contains a command for processing by a request processor, such as command entry.
Sender Copy: A copy of an inquiry or notify message that is kept in the sender's message queue.
Default Reply Displays the default reply that was generated by your IBM i server for the particular generated message.

Displays in-depth details for the particular message from your IBM i server. It displays the following values:

  • Message ID
  • Date Sent
  • Alert Option
  • Current User
  • From Job Number
  • From Program
  • Reply Status
  • File Name
  • Message
  • Cause

Message Monitoring Capabilities

Applications Manager allows you to monitor and control the messages in IBM i server. You can also configure alarms for these messages. You can now configure, enable or disable messages in the IBM i server and even make quick edits.

IBM i Server Monitoring Capability

For more information, refer to IBM i Messages Monitoring Online Help.

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