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Monitor the Application Pools in IIS

Monitor the Application Pools in IIS

IIS Websites are normally configured to run in Application Pool for better security, availability and performance.This helps in isolating websites from each other even when they are being hosted on a common server and prevent the problems in one website from affecting the other.

Why monitoring AppPool is important?

  • Web sites availability depends on the application pool status.
  • An application pool in a critical state because of a memory leakage will lead to slower response time of website.
Monitor the Application Pools in IIS

Ensure IIS application pools are up and running with Applications Manager

  • Applications Manager's IIS monitoring tool displays the availability and health status of the different pools in the server.
  • Alarms can be configured to alert you of critical status of application pools.
  • Actions can be automated through custom scripts to execute a program like start the application pool when a pool is stopped or crashed.

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