5 razones principales por las que Applications Manager es la mejor alternativa a SolarWinds SAM

ManageEngine Applications Manager
SolarWinds SAM
Plataforma unificada de monitoreo

Applications Manager

Applications Manager is an an all-in-one application performance monitoring tool that supports over 150 technologies like servers, applications, databases, cloud, virtualization, big data, containers, middleware, ERP, etc. - both on premise and cloud. This eliminates the need to buy and integrate with multiple solutions which is time-consuming, effort intensive, and requires training.

SolarWinds SAM

To monitor a diverse business infrastructure and get performance metrics similar to Applications Manager, users need to purchase multiple solutions like Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Web Performance Monitor, Database Performance Analyzer, Virtualization Manager, Pingdom and AppOptics.

Precio transparente y asequible

Applications Manager

Applications Manager follows an instance based licensing model.

No of monitors

SolarWinds SAM

SolarWinds SAM follows node-based and component-based licensing.

Node-based licensing model
No of nodes

In Component-based licensing, Additional Polling Engine (APE) requires extra licensing cost. There is also extra licensing cost for High Availability.

Planes asequibles de soporte

Applications Manager

Free 24/7 premium customer support for all customers irrespective of deployment size or purchase order.

SolarWinds SAM

Provides three types of support: Professional (Included with cost but with limitations), Premium (additional $15000/year), and Premium Enterprise (additional $45000/year) support.

Fácil de instalar

Applications Manager

Applications Manager is easy to set up and use. Download and install. Run the automated discovery. Start monitoring. It is that simple.

SolarWinds SAM

SolarWinds SAM requires a steep learning curve and takes time to set up. Onboarding and implementation is a complex process that requires assistance.

Prioridad corporativa

Applications Manager

Customer-focused approach, hence we develop solutions organically in-house, leading to all systems working seamlessly. Our Company is privately held and profitable since its inception. So we are able to improve our focus on research and product development.

SolarWinds SAM

Aggressive acquisition style of operation. This can lead to interoperability issues between different products in the portfolio as the company tries to "fit in" acquired solutions


La diferencia es clara

Comparación por funciones entre Applications Manager y SolarWinds SAM

ManageEngine Applications Manager
SolarWinds SAM
Monitoreo del rendimiento de aplicaciones
Monitoreo on-premise monitoring para Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails.
Monitoreo de transacción sintética
Monitoreo de aplicaciones web desde varias ubicaciones dentro de su propio data center
Monitoreo de aplicaciones y de servidores web
Incluyendo Microsoft .Net, VMware vFabric tc Server, Oracle Application Server, Apache Geronimo, Jetty y más
Monitoreo de bases de datos
Monitoreo out-of-the box compatible con RDBMS popular y bases de datos NoSQL como Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis y más
Disponible parcialmente mediante SolarWinds SAM, pero requiere la compra de SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer para una compatibilidad completa.
Monitoreo de servidores
Incluyendo IBM i (AS/400 series)
Monitoreo de la nube
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) y más
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365.
Monitoreo de virtualización
VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, KVM, RHEV ymás
Disponible parcialmente mediante SolarWinds SAM, pero requiere la compra de SolarWinds Virtualization Manager para una compatibilidad completa.

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ManageEngine APM
SolarWinds SAM
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