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Synthetic Web Transaction Monitor

    What is Synthetic Transaction Monitoring?

    Building scripts or tools that simulate activities normally performed in an application is known as synthetic monitoring or Synthetic transaction monitoring. A seamless end user experience is an important product differentiator, and to ensure that , it is critical to monitor actual end-user interaction and determine if your applications are running optimally. With businesses expanding at a global level, it is more important to measure customer experience from different geographical locations.

    Monitor Synthetic Transactions using Applications Manager

    Using the Synthetic Transaction Monitoring recorder, you can easily record web transactions, and then replay the sequence in EUM agents. The recorded sequence is played back in a browser to mimic user behavior and collect the necessary metrics, which are sent to Applications Manager's Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Tool, providing a consolidated view of the data collected across all the agents for easy perusal.

  • Gain better visibility into synthetic web transaction monitoring

    You can proactively monitor the availability, response times and page loading time of the recorded web transactions and the individual URLs, helping you troubleshoot issues faster and enhance customer experience.

  • Monitor availability and performance, from different locations

    Applications Manager's website monitoring facility allows you to perform web transaction monitoring and monitor multiple URL and URL sequences. It can be running in your data center, while you can also have EUM agents deployed in other geographical locations and have them report web application performance data to the central site.

  • Get more accuracy in end-user monitoring

    Using Real Browser Monitor, you can get the actual response times of the website transactions dynamically. It waits for the entire page to load inclusive of the media content, along with the text.

    Also, since the transactions are replayed periodically the metrics obtained are also dependent on the user traffic, network lags and other real time factors thus providing a more accurate idea of what the user is facing.

  • Web page analysis to detect components that slow down your webpage

    Monitor your website's performance and detect the components (images, javascript, css, etc.) that increase the website's loading time with Synthetic web transaction monitor. The information (size, load time,etc.) about various components helps you to optimize the website and decrease its loading time.

  • Customize alerts to receive proactive notifications

    Alerts can be generated to check if a particular keyword exists in the page, that is being monitored. This way, you can detect any error or missed value in a particular web page and keep track if a particular link redirects to the correct page.

    Apart from this, availability and response time of the recorded URLs will be monitored according to the poll interval set and alarms are configured based on threshold configurations.

    Synthetic Web Transaction Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • View detailed reports and dashboards

    With the help of comprehensive reports and out of the box dashboards, get to know more about the health, availability, downtime and response time of the web application or website across all locations.

    Synthetic Transaction Monitor Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Note: Synthetic Transaction Monitor primarily supports Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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