Scheduling Mailbox Content Gathering Tasks

Scheduling Data Gathering Tasks can be done from the Task Scheduling option of Exchange Reporter Plus.

Mailbox Content Gathering Tasks will gather mailbox Folder content that include Messages and Attachments. The content can be filtered by keyword, file name, file extension or file size. It gathers data from all selected Mailboxes in the Exchange Organization.

For Mailbox  Content Gathering Task a user with "Send as" / "receive as" permissions on the mailboxes for which you require data" is needed.


To schedule a New Mailbox Content Gathering Task

  1. Click on "Admin" Tab -->> Task Scheduling -->> Schedule New Task

  2. Select the "Exchange Organization" from which data is to be gathered [from drop down]

  3. Provide a "Schedule Name" and "Schedule Description"

  4. Select the "Mailbox Content" from the "Task List" drop down.

  5. Select the "Schedule Type".

  6. Select the Time and Time Zone.

  7. Use default credentials or enter "Any valid user credential with "send as" and "receive as" permissions on the mailboxes selected". [Note : The credentials provided while adding an Exchange organization will be used as the default credentials]

  8. Click on Add button to add Data Sources

    1. The Data Source for a Mailbox Content Gathering Task is the mailboxes in the Exchange Server.

    2. Exchange Reporter Plus allows selection of one or multiple mailboxes from which content will be gathered. This can be done by selecting

    3. "Individual Mailboxes",

    4. "Organizational Units" or

    5. "Mailbox Stores".

  9. Click on Ok  (This selects checked mailboxes for content verification).

  10. Click on "Edit" to change the Data Sources selected.

  11. Exchange Reporter Plus allows filtering of the mail content by one or all of the below mentioned fields.(Multiple Keywords Must Be Separated By Semicolon ";" ). A minimum of one filter keyword must be entered, this is a mandatory requirement.

      • "Message Subject"

      • "Message Body"

      • "Attachment File Name"

      • "Attachment File Extension"  

      • "Attachment File Size".

  12. Click on Create.

This will schedule a Mailbox Content Data Gathering Task.

  • Only one Mailbox Content Data Gathering Task can be configured. Mailbox Content Gathering is limited to mailboxes of a selected Exchange Organization.

  • To gather Mailbox Content for a second Exchange Organization, the existing Mailbox Content Gathering Task must be deleted.

  • Creation of a New Mailbox Content Data Gathering Task will overwrite the data collected by the previous content gathering task.



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