Discovering devices using Layer2 maps

How to draw Layer 2 maps?

OpManager allows you to discover Layer2 devices that are connected to your network and draws a visual representation of the same. This includes a detailed map of all the nodes, interconnected layers and port-to-port connectivity in addition to the interfaces.

To start discovering your layer2 devices, go to Settings > Discovery > Layer2 Discovery. This process can also be initiated from Maps > Layer 2 Maps > Create New.

Enter a name in the Layer2 Map Name section and proceed to type the IPv4 of your seed device in the Router IPv4 Address section.

Configure a seed device : A seed device is the core router or L3 switch in your network. The device must have SNMP-enabled so that OpManager is able to query the device and draw the links automatically. The seed device should have "ipForwarding" set to 1 for the OID - . and must have two or more interfaces. (identified by querying the OID -

The seed router will be connected to a vast number of devices. If you wish to restrict your Layer2 Map to a certain IP range, enter their Start IP and End IP and press the ‘+’ icon. You can specify multiple such entries.

Discovery Mechanism:
OpManager supports multiple discovery protocols. Choose one (or more) that is implemented in your seed router/L3 switch. This will drastically reduce the time taken to discover the devices.

Schedule interval:
As changes happen to the networks frequently, OpManager allows you to configure an interval (in days) to re-draw the map. For instance, if a change happens once in a week, you can configure OpManager to re-draw the map every seven days. 

Set Uplink Dependency:
This option helps in avoiding multiple device-down alerts when the parent device is down. Besides the layer2 discovery window, Uplink Dependency can also be set from the Quick Configuration Wizard.

Note: Uplink Dependency happens only during Device Import and not during Layer2 Map discovery.

Choose the SNMP credentials required for the seed router to identify the devices. You can add new credentials from the Add Credentials button.


To learn how to customize your layer 2 Map, click here.

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