SNMP monitoring

In today's complex network of switches, routers and servers, it is a daunting task to manage all the devices. Eventually, the network begins to have issues and slows down. It's critical to keep an eye on the whole network.

Most of the devices on the network support the network management protocol. It allows network devices to share management information more easily. Various protocols exist to support network management, including the popular Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that comes pre-bundled with SNMP agents for most network devices. SNMP is an application-layer internet protocol that allows network devices to share management and monitoring information.

Features of SNMP monitoring software

The SNMP protocol is an industry-standard protocol that is easy to use and implement. SNMP enables network devices to communicate despite having different hardware and software, allows network administrators to track network performance, diagnose and manage network faults, and plan network capacity and growth.

With SNMP monitoring, the network admin can quickly and effectively find the performance of network devices, such as:

  • A SNMP-based network monitoring system helps in the monitoring of the health and performance of network devices for faults, as well as the management of various network resources like servers, printers, scanners, etc.
  • The SNMP discovery mechanism uncovers network resources and aids in obtaining the configured SNMP credentials of network devices. It also allows auto-discovery to be scheduled on a regular basis.
  • A network monitoring system that uses SNMP can monitor the status of all network devices in real time, including CPU utilization, and memory consumption. Windows servers can also have SNMP enabled on all devices so network admins can easily monitor their network.
  • Using SNMP-based monitoring, you can track in and out traffic. It also helps to determine the packet throughput and delay during transmission. Based on actionable insights, you can also monitor errors, discards, and assess network performance metrics.

OpManager: The comprehensive SNMP monitoring solution

ManageEngine OpManager, a network monitoring software that has helped over a million IT admins monitor their network devices across the world, employs asynchronous SNMP trap messaging to obtain management information on network devices. You can monitor availability, network performance, and manage network faults of network devices using the SNMP monitoring capabilities of OpManager.

Device discovery:

Network device discovery allows you to automatically identify what devices are connected to your network at any given time, enabling you to keep your network's devices organised. With the help of SNMP monitoring, OpManager simplifies the process of device discovery and expands it to a wide variety of network devices. With OpManager, you can schedule network device discovery to automate the process.

Performance monitoring:

Network performance monitoring is a process for tracking and analyzing network events and activities to make necessary adjustments that improve network performance. With SNMP's get and set operations, the network admin can conduct performance monitoring in the network. OpManager comes with powerful, insightful reports to help you analyse key performance metrics, such as network availability, response times, throughput, and resource usage.

Fault management:

Fault Management addresses detecting, isolating, and correcting network problems. With SNMP's trap operation, you can get the problem report from the SNMP agent running on that machine. The network admin can then decide how to deal with it, by correcting or isolating that problem entity. OpManager's alerting system assures that you are notified well in advance of network issues, like breakdowns and performance slowdowns.


With OpManager, network admins can rapidly detect and focus on network issues thanks to the performance statistics displayed in reports and dashboards. Using its customized dashboards, you can choose from and organize over 200 performance widgets.

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